janell loves writing


I started writing for myself at the same time I started acting - which has been really great! When I get an idea, I write it, and then perform it! Walah! In 2015, I was chosen over a butt ton of writers to write for the CBS Diversity Showcase - so that felt pretty cool. My work was sooo FUNNY that Buchwald signed me! (RIP Buchwald a year later - I now need new rep :) But I had a blast with them and I learned a lot. I have writing experience with sketch comedy and TV pilots. But my project I’m most proud of is an hour long Musical Comedy (lip-syncing) with an ensemble cast called “I Was Made in the Eighties.” We performed it at iO West in October of 2017 and then at The Groundlings in February of 2018. It was pretty awesome if I may say so myself! My wonderful writing partner and I wrote a very funny time/space half hour single cam called, My Future Self. We will be premiering it this fall with the intent to sell! Netflix? What’s up?


*writing samples upon request